Susan Gill

The Benefits of Psychotherapy

Studies have shown that people in therapy get better in three distinct ways. First, therapy eased the problems that brought people to treatment. Second, it helped them to function better, improving their ability to relate well to others, to be productive at work, and to cope with everyday stress. It also enhanced what can be called ‘personal growth.’ It helps self-understanding and self-acceptance and enables people to enjoy their life more.

My training was integrative and humanistic. I am a fully accredited member of IAHIP.  I was part of the training team at the Institute of Creative Counselling and Psychotherapy for the last four years, teaching and facilitating groups.  I have worked with many young people through the local Junior Liaison service and have worked as a student counsellor.

I work with individuals and couples. I help people through life difficulties or trauma to enable them to live their lives more fully. I work with symptoms such as depression, anxiety, addictions, sexuality, relationship difficulties and eating disorders.


Telephone: 0868223698
Address: 26 Longford Terrace, Monkstown, Co. Dublin